HostPapa Run By 100% Green Renewables


Based in Toronto, the green energy hosting company called HostPapa, has taken the initiative by purchasing 100% Green Renewable energy from wind and solar to power their servers, computers, office space and data center. By purchasing green energy, they have removed approximately 10,000 pounds of CO2 emissions in one year.

For a mere $5.95 a month, the mid-sized Canadian business serves as a hosting company and also offers shopping carts, guestbooks, blogging, bulletin boards & forums, auctions, polls and surveys, and photo sharing.

HostPapa is proving to be one of the fastest growing web hosts in Canada - a great example that energy conservation is picking up speed.


3 Responses to “HostPapa Run By 100% Green Renewables”

  1. I know what hosting service I’m going to use.

    If it’s cheap enough :D

  2. There is only one place to go for hosting and its Hostpapa. I’ve been tracking my site with internet monitors and haven’t had 1 second of down time since I signed up for it back in August of 2007 and the speeds are incredible, i have around 0.21 seconds for load time for a homepage full of graphics and widgets. Their Team is fast to reply to any problems you may have. The only down side to this hosting was my site struck 230 active connections and that suspended it temporarily, but even that was handled accordingly.

  3. Hostpapa is one of the most respectable Hosts on the Internet. Considering that the company (and their staff) truly care about the environment and their level of service has been top notch, I will certainly tell all my friends to Host with this company. Also, I have experienced only one minor outage in 2 years of hosting with the company - that is incredible compared to my last host, that was down every week.

    Hopefully, they will stay committed to being Green and expand their program!

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