Hybrio Rechargables Rules Over Disposables


How could you argue against using rechargeable batteries after using Hybrio? One Hybrio rechargeable battery is equivalent to using 500 standard disposable batteries. They also last up to four times longer than standard alkaline batteries.

Alkaline batteries are piling up in great amounts each year in landfills contributing heavily to the toxic e-waste issues, which end up tainting our lakes, streams and ocean.

Hybrio rechargeable batteries are long-lasting, come with a charger and are environmentally beneficial. Just think how much could be saved in your pocket (500 alkaline batteries to 1 rechargeable!) and the environment - the remotes, kids toys, flashlights….


One Response to “Hybrio Rechargables Rules Over Disposables”

  1. With all the electronics we use at our house, we switched to rechargeable batteries a long time ago. It’s nice to see more items like this make it to market.

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