Moscow’s Mega Crystal Island


One of the most grandest of building projects, Foster + Partners is creating a mega structure to cover 27 million square feet and stand 1500 feet tall, which would make it one of the tallest buildings on the planet when completed in 2013.

The $4 billion (USD) “Crystal Island, will be developed in Moscow with the heart of development to be focused on energy management as the structure will be covered in solar panels and wind turbines to provide electricity to the structure, including some additional on-site renewable and low-carbon energy generation.

The structure will feature 900 apartments, 3000 hotel rooms, sports complex, a theater, offices and shops and even an international school for 500 students.

Staying in touch with nature, a landscaped park will surround the spiraling building to provide a range of activities throughout the year.


Foster + Partners

3 Responses to “Moscow’s Mega Crystal Island”

  1. It’s certainly beautiful. I’m always a bit skeptical about such creations though: as energy-efficient as it may be once it’s in operation, I always find myself curious about the energy costs of construction.

  2. I share Adam’s point. I also think grand statements of that sort have a useful role to play in the shaping of the public opinion.

  3. I am appreciating Russia “Moscow’s Mega Crystal Island” project. It is nice and touch of green energy hi-tech will make it more international and global and up to date. It is needed to be a competent counterpart of west. In this unipolar world I expect Russia’s Revival and Revival of a Idealism which is not dead (few people of USSR killed it) but needs to be updated with time.this century.

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