Motorola Turning To Sun Power


Motorola is looking to the future by researching ways to fuse a phone’s LCD screen with solar cells.

Currently Motorola has a patent for this technology to power the device and charge the battery. Hopefully the technology is focused towards absorbing existing light instead of sunlight to avoid overheating the phone’s internal chips.


3 Responses to “Motorola Turning To Sun Power”

  1. Brilliant! I love coming here every day and reading about what is new and clever in the world, and how we’re getting greener.
    The idea to use solar power to charge and power a cellphone is simply brilliant. I wonder how far away it is from being a reality.

  2. I think this is great. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out and my battery has died and I have no way to charge it. If I could just put it out on the table or whatever is available where I am, or heck even just hold it in my hand, and have it charge up - that would be awesome!

  3. [...] mobile industry is looking for ways to become more eco-friendly, such as Motorola developing solar chargers and Nokia developing a phone to talk [...]

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