Nano Fibers Becoming Portable Batteries for Soldiers


Military officials are placing a great emphasis on developing smaller and portable energy devices for their soldiers. The effort is in hopes to find better alternatives to the heavy and cumbersome batteries currently equipped by soldiers in ground-based combat.

Hills, a Florida-based company, has made a breakthrough by creating a machine that produces just what they hoped for - nanostructured fibers. The Nano fibers could form the basis behind creating a uniform that is multi-functional by producing and storing electrical energy.

The machine’s most potential benefits, is using fibers to act as rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable batteries would be produced by using metals to make conducting fibers and a variety of inorganic materials to create fuel cells and photovoltaics to be woven in uniforms.

Imagine using this very same technology for civilian clothing.



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  1. Nanostructured fibers, wow, the future is here! This is great news for the troops, and other military applications. But I’m interested to see where it will go with consumer products. Hopefully it won’t be long! Thanks for sharing this.

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