New Line of Eco-Notebooks

ecoWhether you are scheduled to the minute or you view life as an open book, you sometimes need a place to put it all down. And when your pen is brought to paper it deserves a worthy venue.

Enter ecosystem- a fresh line of notebooks with a pulse. With sleek, modern design for everyday life and inspired living, the system offers owners a collection of color, size and type combinations to engage any personality, from the ARTIST (blank pages) or AUTHOR (lined) to the ADVISOR (calendar) or ARCHITECT (grid). Featuring colors vibrant as a new perspective- kiwi, clementine, lagoon, watermelon and onyx- the ecosystem collection is designed to empower and motivate people while providing a platform to capture the next generation of ideas. Choose the components to build an ecosystem entirely your own, then power the content.

The events that influence your day, the creativity that’s fostered, the ideas and thoughts that don’t belong anywhere other than off your chest - they all make up a story - your story.

Like all of us, each ecosystem has a unique past, present and future. From the packaging to the paper, the book’s past brings together recycled parts to create a new chapter in the life of each component. Every ecosystem product is made from 100-percent post-consumer recycled materials using low-impact processes that are environmentally savvy and responsible. Made entirely in compliance with U.S. Fair Trade standards, ecosystem moves notebooks forward.

Want the full story? Visit ecosystem online to learn the origin of every component in your book and the innovative way it was constructed and if you and your ecosystem become separated, we’ve got a way to reunite the two of you - simply register online and enter your unique ID number. You’ll be back living in your ecosystem in no time.

Your story is waiting- please be in touch if you’d like to receive samples from the ecosystem collection, and visit to learn more.

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