Nokia Morph Concept

nokia morph concept

We might just have some nanotechnology to play with from Nokia.

Seven years from now, we may be able to carry our mobile phones via a wrap around wristband. In the near future, mobile phones can become flexible, bendable, stretchable, a self-cleaning solar powered gadget…all envisioned in Nokia’s Morph concept phone which incorporates nanotechnology and art into a cell phone.

The Morph concept is showing at the “Design and the Elastic Mind” exhibition from February 24th to May 12th, 2008 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. A joint effort by Cambridge Nanoscience Centre and Nokia Research Center, the Morph concept aims at pushing the envelope for design and capabilities for mobile phones. And that it does…the Morph mobile phone would be flexible using nanotechnology, meaning it could be bent into a circle, flat band, sphere or any desired shape while also being transparent.

It would also feature self-cleaning to prevent wear and tear based on nanostructures called ‘nano flowers’ which do not absorb liquids or retain fingerprints. The Nokia Morph phone would also include a detachable speaker that could clip onto the ear or connect to the phone as a speaker. In addition, the battery is solar powered with built in self-charging high density solar charging modules called nanograss which are capable of recharging faster than any other battery solution.

Morph phones would have nanosensors to inform users of wireless environments and enable them to make choices on the available wireless networks. The phones would also be able to analyze the pollution levels of the environment and monitor the user’s surroundings.

With the ability of the phone to take on a variety of shapes and sizes, most people may not need to change phones so often as they currently have been doing so every 1.5 years on average. According to Nokia, it would take seven years before Morph phones are available at consumer markets.

Check out this video to see Morph’s expectations:


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