Organize Your Cords And Save Wasted Electricity


Designed by Gilles Belley, this Energy Saving Adapter (ESA) not only saves you from power vampires but also gives you easy access to the strip in a smart, convenient and tidy way.

The ESA will clamp to your desk and comes with a wrap-up area for your cords. Gone will be the days when you need to crawl under your desk and deal with a nest of cords lying on the floor. Of course, the best feature is that it works like a smart power strip by cutting off power to devices that it detects as no longer be utilized. Electronic devices left plugged into the wall will continue to suck power even when turned off, about 10% of your electricity costs (hint to those wanting to save energy in July).

When the ESA detects the device has entered standby mode, it will flash a warning light for a few minutes and will cut off power to that device, unless you press a button on the specific module to cancel the shut off.

The ESA is only a concept at this time but shows big promise to catering to those wanting to save energy with design, taste and tidiness. I would definitely purchase this product when and if released.


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  1. Hi, thanks for the info, I’m always looking for ways to save money. I changed all of my bulbs to the new fluorescent screw ins and have saved about $30 a month in the electric bill…. It’s amazing just how much you can save the earth by little things.

    My rain bucket raineth over, but that’s ok, as it rains in it getting rid of any mosquitoes… so that works ok.

    Just a little note for those who live in the sunny, raining, humid south… if you leave your ceiling fans on, and use just the minimum on your AC, like at between 78 & 80 it does make a difference on your bill. Make sure you close all the doors and windows though or it won’t help out too much.

    Some people say to turn the fans off if you’re not in the room, just out of habit we turn off the living room at bedtime, however, the bedroom stays on all day…

    Have a very green day


  2. Hello, just stumbled across your site.. love your blog! Thanks for stopping by.. and great nifty item. I use power strip for my home with a button on it that I shut off when not in use and make sure I unplug any electrical items when not in use but this sounds so convenient to have. You don’t even have to think about it. Very cool.

  3. hmmm… and where do I get one of those??? Love your web page…

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  5. This post has good and valuable information, thank you.

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