Portable Wind and Solar Powered Generator


Imagine generating and storing wind power from a small device, small enough to be held in your hand.

HY Mini, is a palm-sized device which can be held, mounted to a car window or even a bike handlebar to generate power from both the wind and sun to be stored into batteries. A simple but awesome way of charging a cell phone, iPod or other small device by using renewable energy.

Pricing hasn’t been announced but it should be available sometime this month.

[HY Mimi]

2 Responses to “Portable Wind and Solar Powered Generator”

  1. I love this concept. I could actually carry this around just in case my ditigal camera dies on me (which is all of the time) to get those moments when you say I wish I had my camera! Great find. anna http://www.green-talk.com

  2. an awesome gadget for folks who love to icefish,camp and for stranded people who need to charge a device to call for help…

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