Power Your Clock With Water

Think Geek has an innovative product listed on their site…a clock that runs off of water! Actually from their website, it looks like you could use any type of electrolytic fluid such as beer, soda or even coffee.


Think Geek explains how it works:

How does it work? Magic mostly. And a little bit of science too. The internal converter simply extracts electrons from water (or other liquid) molecules and provides a steady stream of electrical current acting as a fuel cell to generate power to the clock.

The cute little digital clock can run off water (or your liquid choice) for many weeks and the creator has even left a small opening to place your flowers. Isn’t it nifty?

2 Responses to “Power Your Clock With Water”

  1. Hello and welcome to green blogging! I am sort of new myself. :) I just stumbled across your page and wanted to say hello. Feel free to check out my green blog anytime. Perhaps we can exchange links if you would like. Wish you all the best.

  2. Very nifty! Our family is still researching options for solar-heating our house (so many!)…Lot’s of things to consider. Eventually all these disparate pieces of technology–like a clock that runs on fluid–will all fit together into one ideal environmental package that works well together. Right not it’s up to each consumer to jury-rig their own version–with little guidance and help from the government. We shall prevail!

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