Solar Powered Computer


A very efficient design by Lenovo, the Chinese PC Maker, has created a low power consuming PC which only runs on a 45-watt AMD Athlon 64X2 dual core and can be powered by an optional solar panel. The energy efficient PC, called ThinkCentre A61e or “Blue Sky” weighs under 8 pounds, is Energy Start 4.0 compliant and has won a EPEAT Gold Rated PC Award.

It starts at just $399 and Lenovo claims a savings of 50% off annual energy costs by making the switch. That’s amazing.

The PC is made from 90% reusable/recyclable materials and that’s including the packaging that it comes into.


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  1. A great example of some of the new technologies that I hope can make a difference. This posting ( on our site is by BBC Technology Critic, Bill Thompson. Thought it might be of interest.

  2. This computer sounds really interesting and promising. I read the source article and was wondering about the computer aspects (ie size of the hard drive, ram, etc) and this company’s repair record since to be honest I only know of the big boys (dell, sony, HP, etc.) With anything green or not, if it does not deliver what is promised or falls apart, it would land in a land fill. So, many computers are not recycled. I see them on the curb alll the time. Just as a side note, staples is taking computers back for recycling. anna

  3. Very interesting. I hope they are successful with this endeavor. Every step in the right direction makes a difference.

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