Solar Tote Bag

Just in time for the beach….a great tote bag that turns free sunlight into electricity for all your gadgets.  The Juice Bag has a 7 Watt flexible solar panel that consists of 52 solar cells. It has a built-in universal Car Lighter Adapter (CLA) socket - the same plug that is in automobiles.  Therefore, any 12 volt device that can be charged using a car lighter can also be charged using the Juice Bag.  The same company also offers an accessory line of Solar Ready Batteries which allow you to store the power generated by the sun.  These batteries plug into the bag’s CLA socket and then store the power.  Once charged, you simply plug the battery into your 12 volt device at a later time.  Imagine never running out of power for your cell phone, GPS unit, digital camera or MP3 player.


2 Responses to “Solar Tote Bag”

  1. This is a terrific idea, but the carger plug would need
    a cover to protect it from sand and water.

  2. This is really cool! might not work for those with small children though, hard to control the sand and water with them around :) It would be so nice to have though, when you’re going to be out all day and/or forgot to charge things up.

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