Sony Steps It Up


Sony is showing to have a particular interest into turning ‘green’ as many of their newest creations are said to be usable without ever having to plug-in for a recharge. One of their products include the Spin N’ Snap digital camera that is charged up by placing two fingers in two separate holes and spinning it around a few times to allow a charge. There is also a separate type of camera called the Crank N’ Capture which can actually capture some video and something called the Juice Box, which has a fold out solar panel that can be used to charge any other device. Not sure when or if these will be introduced into the market.

5 Responses to “Sony Steps It Up”

  1. I have the same questions, when it will be available in the market. If it really happens to charge from your body current, that’s simply a great green technology!!

  2. It would be a great achievement to supply these into the gaming marketplace.

    If and when they supply these options, they will probabaly first launch in Asia, way before they hit U.S. shelves. :(

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