The EcoButton Can Save PC Energy


There are quite a few ways to save energy on your PC (one of which is obvious)…and that is turning off your PC while it’s not in use. What about people that use their computer ALL day and don’t take long “breaks”? Well, for those that work from home or use their computer frequently, using a convenient tool that hibernates or uses less energy for your quick “bio” breaks could help reduce energy usage and save you dollars on your utility bill. (yes, I did say…”bio”)

The large button (see in the photo) is supposed to be connected to your PC via a USB. Recommended to be placed next to your keyboard where visible, the ecobutton saves you energy each time you press it. When you decide to take a break, press the ecobutton to automatically put your PC into ‘eco-mode’ - this supposedly will cause your PC to draw as much power as when it is shut down. Hit the button again to wake the computer back up.

Software comes included with the ecobutton to track how many carbon units and energy you’ve saved each time the button is used. How much is it going for? $12-18. If you instead want a free solution, check out SNAP. :)


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