This Is One Smart Green Plug

The effort against wasted energy has just become stronger. An intelligent device, called the Green Plug, supplies the power requirement specific to the electronic devices connected to it. This reduces wasted energy supplied to cell phones, printers, laptops, cameras, modems and many other portable electronic devices.

Multiple gadgets can connect to the Green Plug “hub”. Once connected the microcontroller chip communicates to the devices so that the right amount of power is delivered eliminating “phantom power” and improving energy efficiency.

I can’t wait to get this hub connected!



11 Responses to “This Is One Smart Green Plug”

  1. Is it free? What kind of green are we talking about here?

  2. This site should be stumbled by as many people as possible.The green innovation should be passed around.The company it’s self goes to show that we can take personal responsibility for our environmental problems and still have a solid bottom line.In spite of the Government.

  3. how much does it cost? my light bill is included in my rent what the hell do I care bout phantom power

  4. you might not care about it now, but you will when your landlord explains that they have to raise your rent because the cost of utilities is skyrocketing.

  5. Just one question- how exactly does this electricity get wasted? I don’t see how any device can let more energy than it will use come thru the cord. Seems to be a new way to get money for almost nothing. Could be wrong, just my .02.

  6. if you know anything about how electricity works, you know this is going to save .001 % electricity, if any.

    devices only use power as they need it. power supplies don’t waste “phantom power”.

    if you want to save energy, get a multiple switch power strip and turn things OFF. seriously annoyed.

  7. Inefficient transformers waste power even when no device is plugged in. If your transformer feels warm with no device attached, it is wasting phantom power. The transformer for my cordless phone is warm, even though the phone is sitting in the cradle and fully charged. On the other hand, my iPod transformer is cool when the iPod is charged.

  8. Are these for sale yet? Very interesting.

  9. This is pretty cool :)

  10. That’s great. I was thinking someone should come out with something like this.

  11. [...] technology can be used with new and existing revolving doors. To harness the wasted energy, three parts are utilized in the revolving door: a mechanical/electrical system to harness human [...]

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