UK Mobile Phones Designed To Be Tossed Into Compost


Besides selling or donating your old phone once you’ve upgraded to a new one, what are the other alternatives?

Scientists in the UK have devised a new cell phone body that can simply be tossed into your compost and disintegrate within weeks. When the phone’s body has broken down, an embedded sunflower seed is released to sprout in your ‘technological’ garden.

The University of Warwick’s Warwick Manufacturing Group, PVAXX Research & Development Ltd and Motorola used a special biodegradable polymer which is completely functional under normal conditions, yet will rapidly decompose when placed in compost. Although they’ve found what to do with the body, the group hasn’t solved the problem on what to do with the toxins in the electronic components and battery pack. Important yes, but good baby steps towards a sustainable future.


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