Wearable Eco Concept From Nokia


Nokia’s research center has designed a novel eco-concept for their mobile phones consisting of a wearable sensor unit made of solar cells.

To be worn on your wrist or as a neck strap, the smart sensor unit would be able to detect and analyze your environment, health, local weather conditions and of course…be a mobile phone. Technology called NFC (near field communication) would relay information by touch from the sensors to the mobile phone and could become very customizable. Nokia would offer multiple sensors, which could even be used as being a monitor to analyze heart rate and measure walking pace via motion detector.

With the goal of being made from renewable or reclaimed materials, the phones are hoped to be so optimized to only rely on alternative power sources likes solar.

Too bad it’s still on the drawing board….


3 Responses to “Wearable Eco Concept From Nokia”

  1. I am not sure I want to be strapped with the environmental problem but it seems a nice design for a very worthy cause…

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