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1 out of 5 Americans move every year which involves a whole lot of moving boxes. Most individuals don’t recycle the boxes or save the the bubble wrap for repeat use, leaving most cardboard boxes to be sent to a landfill after only being used once.

There is a cheaper and much more efficient alternative that provides zero-waste packaging. The inventor, Spencer Brown, created EarthFriendlyMoving which rents a container called the RecoPack which is made from recycled hard plastic bottles retrieved from landfills, such as bleach and household cleaning containers. Each RecoPack is made from 74 plastic bottles ground into a millions of little pieces. The company reports that for every 100 RecoPack containers they make, they are moving an average of 256 pounds of trash from landfills.

Customers save approximately 50% by using these boxes as they only cost a buck a week to rent! Best of all, EarthFriendlyMoving will deliver the boxes to you - you pack your boxes, you move, then give them a call to pick them up. So easy! Just concentrate on the move itself! (That alone is stressful)

3 Responses to “DIY Boxing”

  1. What a great idea.. plus it probably is safer for breakables.

  2. For me, I love the idea of the idea of having the boxes dropped off and then having them picked up. Very convenient and eco-friendly :)

  3. About three weeks ago, I started to search for used cardboard boxes and had no luck… I looked behind every large super market and finally asked one of the stock boys and he laughed at me and said…cardboard is extra money for the market… they get over 5,000 grand a week in recycling it… Time was running out! Luckly, the kid told me to search the internet for earth friendly moving. He said that his parents used the system and they were awesome. I found earth friendly moving to be life savers. I went on the web site and they rent an amazing box for one dollar per week. I was pretty skeptical at the price and when they showed up the next dayand hour early in this huge truck all green and cool and with clean uniforms-I was impressed. Spencer Brown showed up- figured out what I needed and within 10 minutes his staff loaded 150 recopacks in different sizes into my garage. This guy is a genius. We packed and moved in less then 6 hours and he picked them up the next week. My bill for boxes and delivery and pickup and packing paper was under $250.00! If you live in Los Angeles or Orange County- contact earth friendly moving! This guy is brilliant and so cool and friendly- thanks Spencer and earth friendly moving for saving my ass!

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