Do-It-Yourself Brita Filters

We just found this link and we love it! It is a link to a tutorial that walks you through the steps of refilling a Brita water filter cartridge (I’m sure it would work for other brands also). New replacement cartridges go for between $6 -$10. You can refill it yourself for under $1. Plus, empty cartridges aren’t ending up in landfills. According to the site, “All you will need is an old cartridge, some activated carbon, a polyethylene plug, a sharp utility knife or Xacto knife. A 1/2″ drill motor and 1/2″ drill bit is optional, but can aid in rounding out the hole.” It’s a lot easier than it sounds. Check out the Link.

3 Responses to “Do-It-Yourself Brita Filters”

  1. For those who don’t want to go through the work of refilling the cartridges, please at least urge Clorox, maker of BRITA filters in North America, to take them back and RECYCLE them!

    Visit Take Back The Filter ( to learn more, sign the petition, and send us your used filter cartridges!

    BRITA cartridges are already being recycled in Europe. Why not in North America???

  2. Great idea…thanks for the link!

  3. Yes, why not?

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