Hot Idea: Make a Solar Oven

Friday wasn’t a very sunny day in Michigan, but it gave me a bright idea.



Or, I should say, a professor I met told me about a bright idea. It turns out it’s pretty easy to make a solar oven out of a Pringles can. Apparently, you don’t need a lot of heat, as in a hot day, just the right amount of light from the sun. The key is to concentrate the light using a reflective surface, then keep the heat in to cook the food.

A post at says the Pringles Can Hot Dog Cooker can be built by a third-grader. It takes 45 minutes before you’re ready to eat, or maybe less. But imagine impressing your friends at the campground, or just during a backyard party with the neighbors.

You can make a little more advanced solar oven using a pizza box.

This is recycling on steriods. Solar ovens have helped improve the standard of living in third-world countries.

They could do us all some good in the U.S., too. No charcoal needed. No lighter fluid or propane tanks. Just good old natural energy.

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