LG Mobile Phones’ Recycle 4 Schools Program

poster-icon-2Less than 10% of mobile phones get recycled.* BOYS LIKE GIRLS, LG MOBILE PHONES and MIAMI PALMETTO HIGH SCHOOL changed that on May 14th when the band performed in the high school’s auditorium in celebration of LG Mobile Phones’ Recycle 4 Schools Program  Miami Palmetto won the nationwide competition by recycling over 2,000 phones in 5 weeks to win $2/phone, an additional $10,000 and a once in a lifetime personalized performance of Boys Like Girls.

To promote collections, students put together a video replicating Saturday Night Live humor that ran on televisions throughout the school before morning announcements. Along with the recycle bins provided by LG, students distributed handmade collections boxes throughout the community. Teachers even joined in the fun by offering extra credit for donated phones!

“Change isn’t something this school just talks about,” said Martin Johnson of Boys Like Girls. “It was exciting to give back to a group of people who really care and did something. The energy was contagious.

Rebecca, a student at Miami Palmetto said, “Boys Like Girls performing at our school is one of the best things that has ever happened to Miami Palmetto High School.”

The student body has decided to use the money to fund a trip to Envirothon, an environmental problem-solving convention, install motion-sensor lights in classrooms and invest in conservation landscaping or, planting a garden of vegetation that requires little water and provides plenty of shade.

“Absolutely, it is our responsibility as a leading technology company to do our part in recycling e-waste,” said Jason Todd, manager of LG ecoMobilization. “But to join together with our consumers, to literally celebrate with them and make their personal goals a reality, that’s what this program is about.”

More information about LG Recycle 4 Schools Program and ecoMobilization can be found at ecomobilize.com

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