Remake Your Recyclable Garbage


Tiffany Tomato has found a unique way of taking recycled garbage and converting it into a work of art or another functional piece. Taking items like magazine envelopes, wine cork trivets, bottle lamps, bottlecap magnets and more, Tiffany has created a series of DIY kits for anyone to play with at home.

Just about any type of scrap material has been turned into many things from empty food boxes into journals, old wine corks into keychains and much more. If you or your company has a surplus of old calendars, marketing brochures or other miscellaneous items, please contact Tiffany. Every year a portion of the profits go to organizations dedicated to helping preserve the environment.

Items that Tiffany has used in the past?

Misprints/overruns of paper products like maps or calendars
Computer keyboard keys
Scrap from Venetian blinds
Plastic Credit Cards
Wine corks
Sheet music

Contact Tiffany’s website Replay Ground for more information


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  1. パーティーのために真珠やかかとでアク

  2. Thanks. Loads of information!

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