Sprite Tabs for Habitat

spriteSprite Tabs for Habitat. Sprite® is excited about their initiative. Basically, for every green tab from specially-marked Sprite® or Sprite ZeroTM that is received by 5/30/2010, Sprite will donate 10¢ to Habitat for Humanity. Together, we can raise up to $500,000, with a minimum donation of $250,000!

And green tabs are just the start. Sprite is also spreading the word about eco-friendly tips, money saving coupons and the Refresh Your School Playground Sweepstakes, which enters schools for an opportunity to win a playground made from recycled materials.

It’s all about giving back to communities. Check out their site for all the information and details on how to donate to the cause.

Sprite Tabs for Habitat

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  1. How can I identify the 12 and 24 pack boxes of Sprite that have the greeen tabls so I can participate in the Habitat for Humanity program. Please help me so I can help[. I purchase for stores such as Meijers, Walmart, Walgreens, and Krogers and I live in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area.

    Thank You,


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