Green Supermarkets in Venezuela

16semb20Recently there has been an increase in green policies among Venezuelan companies. It seems that they are finally realizing that the world is heading towards sustainability. You can see this in the fact that most supermarket franchises are changing their plastic bags to fabric reusable bags or biodegradable plastic bags.

One of these companies is Plaza´s Supermarkets. Fifty percent of their bags are biodegradable and with the slogan “Green as the planet” they are also promoting a big campaign to take the green message to all levels of society.

This past Sunday, they invited everyone to celebrate the National Tree Day in Waraira Repano. The goal was to get everyone together at Cota Mil near Boleíta, to help reforest the area that has been affected by pollution and the lack of consciousness that most Venezuelans have regarding green and ecological matters.

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