Green Toymaker Promotes Sustainability with Wooden Board Games

In a world filled with plastic, disposable toys, it’s refreshing to see many toy companies promoting the idea of getting back to basics. Haba, one of Germany’s leading Eco-friendly toy makers, recently introduced a new line of wooden toys for children of all ages. The notion of wooden toys brings to mind items such as building blocks or even small cars or trains, not necessarily board games. Yet, as an innovator of learning through play, and strong believer in sustainability, Haba has created Inspektor Hase (Inspector Rabbit) a board game that is made completely of wooden materials.
The game revolves around Inspektor Hase and his police force who are on the lookout for a number of wanted (animal) criminals hiding in the garden. The goal of each player is to catch and convict the criminals, but there’s a catch-each offender has a twin, and they can only be convicted as a pair.

Players use their own set of rabbit detectives to set out and search for the hiding criminals, who may or may not be hiding together. In order for a player to arrest the pair of criminals simultaneously, he needs to position his pair of rabbit detectives so that each one has individually cornered a separate member of the criminal pair. Inspektor Hase promotes good memory building skills and also helps children enhance their mathematical abilities. Recommended for children ages 6 and up, Inspektor Hase is also well suited for varying skill levels. For example, the board game offers children (and adults) three different die rolling options. Option one allows you to use a smaller wooden die that consists only of the numbers 1-3; as a second choice, players may use a larger wooden die that consists of the numbers 1-6; And the third option, allows players to roll, and therefore combine, the numbers of both die.

The board itself folds up into a quarter of the game’s original size, and fits snugly on top of the game’s wooden pieces in a medium size square box. Haba uses water based lacquer stains (not paints) for all of the colors on their wooden toys and games. The $21 price tag is comparable to other board games in a similar market. Yet, with its products made from more sustainable materials, Haba’s board games are more sturdy, and therefore less likely to feel the negative effects caused by average wear and tear. Please visit Haba’s Web site for additional information on Inspektor Hase and other wooden toy products.

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