Have an Old Car?

Have an Old Car? Do you think you won’t get anything from it by selling it? If you’re thinking of junking your car, don’t…give it to Car Angel. Not only restricted to accepting cars, the organization accepts boats, RVs, trailers and other vehicles to fund other organizations of your choice including single mothers, homeless, orphans, kids and teens, food distributions, undeveloped countries and other worthy causes including their children’s cartoon series called Donkey Ollie.

At the root of a specialized car donations company called Car Angel is Angel Ministries. The staff at Angel Ministries makes it very easy to donate vehicles to their cause by doing just about all the tedious work to make the donation or “transfer”. All the hard work is done on behalf of the organization, so there is no need to think twice about scheduling towing or performing title transfers, as this is done on behalf of the group. In addition they will assist with IRS tax deductions, by doing the paper work.

What is done with the actual proceeds? Sold donated vehicles provide some of the poorest countries of the world, education and feeding programs, teachers and training materials for young children desperately in need. Unfortunately many donated items usually have ripped upholstery, rusting body parts and other deteriorating features due to procrastination when deciding to donate. Even though the group can and will fix items, don’t wait too long to give your item if it’s just sitting in your garage. Everything is accepted, old to new vehicles. Lawnmowers and tractors are even put to good use.

To get started, visit Car Angel to donate car.

As mentioned, Car Angel Ministries also has their hand in creating Children DVDs called Donkey Ollie which are free to the public and displayed on YouTube as I found here:

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