DonQ Gold Rum A Fine Rum from a Sustainable Distiller

Green Lifestyles - DonQ Gold Rum A Fine Rum from a Sustainable Distiller, DonQ distillery operations are a pioneer among spirits producers in clean business practices.

Got2beGreen recently did a unique product review. The product is not one you would think a Green/Eco Friendly site would write about. Our latest product review is for DonQ Gold Rum made famous as being the first rum used in the creation of the very first Pina Colada. Aside from the Pina Colada claim to fame, DonQ Gold Rum has won various awards in 2006, 2008, and 2010. Since all of our staff is over 21 years of age we sampled the DonQ Gold rum poured in a glass unmixed. We found the DonQ Rum to be very smooth with no harsh or bitter aftertaste. We are sure the DonQ Gold Rum would enhance a mixed cocktail drink like Pina Coladas or Mai Tais, however this rum is so good it can be sipped on its own or cooled over ice.

Yes the DonQ Gold Rum is very good but where does this fit with being Green? It’s the sustainability commitment that DonQ has put in place in its distilling process for all of their rum products. DonQ distillery operations are on the island of Puerto Rico and they have been a pioneer among spirits producers in clean business practices. The processes DonQ has put in place to clean their waste did not exist until DonQ invested millions of dollars and time to connect a series of self-contained processes into an innovative cycle of waste treatment and energy harvest. Some highlights of DonQ’s sustainable processes are:

  • DonQ’s revolutionary wastewater treatment, separates organic solids from wastewater and mixes them with wood chips to create industrial compost for local landscapers and gardeners.
  • DonQ uses biogas in its distillation process to offset 50 - 70% of its annual oil usage, thus, eliminating two million gallons of crude oil consumption per year.
  • DonQ’s waste reclamation program applies aerobic digesters and microfiltration techniques to generate irrigation grade water

DonQ’s manufacturing process from fermentation to bottling are now being copied by other spirits produces. Unfortunately there are some rum producers in the Caribbean who still dump raw or partially treated waste directly into the ocean or into surface water, endangering ecosystems.

DonQ is another example that a quality product can be produced in a sustainable way. We encourage all businesses adopt this method worldwide. Please check the DonQ website for more information on their sustainability efforts. And do not forget to try not only DonQ Gold Rum, but other DonQ Rums.

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