Building Green on PBS…

If you haven’t caught the show already, Building Green has started televising its series about creating beautiful homes and buildings that are environmentally friendly. The first show aired on June 5 and covers a great deal of information on how to build a “green” home and the materials available to build an eco-friendly that are not only better for us but for the environment.


The host and creator of the show, Kevin Contreras, uses the construction of his own dream home in Santa Barbara as part of his show. The series is to follow the construction of his “green” home, enabling us to see step-by-step on the options available to homeowners. If you are interested in following the series, it’s not too late.

Check out:

Building Green’s Air Time In Your Area
See a highlight of Build Green on YouTube

Also, I would definitely check out his website to read over the FAQ’s provided. There is a wealth of information supplied to those doing home projects, renovations, or building/buying a new home.

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  1. This is a really interesting site and we have plans to build an eco home so this is a good resource. I feel bad about typing this on an eco unfriendly computer, maybe pigeon post would be better next time.

    If the screen dies I promise to keep the computer and use it for serving music round the house or something, that way i dont need to dispose of it or buy an iPod either.



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