Green World Festival


Little by little Venezuela is promoting sustainable development and green consciousness among their citizens. Some private companies are supporting ecologic programs or incorporating recycled materials into their production chain.

Efforts are already producing some good results; however, we still don’t have an important ecologic initiative in the country. We only have small and isolated environmental related activities. One of these activities is the so-called “Green World Festival,” a massive concert that will take place on July 19th, on child’s day, in the capitol city Caracas. The concert will be sponsored by private phone companies, and all the collected money will go to the National Anti-drugs Office.

The festival will gather at least 100,000 people around three stages, where more than 25 national and international singers and bands will be performing and promoting environmental consciousness. There will be an information stage dedicated to green education and  recycling efforts. There will also be a food court and games.

It is a step in the right direction that businesses recognize the importance of being environmentally aware.  However, using it as a marketing strategy is only ethical when  true ecologic content comes along with the proposal. Green World Festival is not an ecologic festival since the vast majority of activities are not related to environmental issues.

Moreover, the collected money will go to an organization that has nothing to do with environmental consciousness and besides the Information Booth point there will be no real promotion of ecologic values. With musicians and groups in three different stages and all the fair games, it is hard to believe that someone will stop by for recycling information.

The second Green World Festival must have more ecological content, it has to promote environmental consciousness, vegetarianism, run climate change related documentaries and teach people how they can have a greener lifestyle to truly be considered an ecological festival.

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