15 Ways to Save Money


1. Go to the library. Just borrow your books instead of buying them. It can add up fast.
2. Buy generic brand aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.
3. Take your lunch to work. You could easily save $10-$20 a day by doing this.
4. Put your electronic equipment on power strips. You’ll be amazed as to how much electronic juice your devices used when you think they are off.
5. Replace your light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs. The power bill will go down.
6. Buy fruits and vegetables at your local Farmers Market. They are cheaper and fresher. They’ll usually last a lot longer.
7. Coupons - of course
8. Use online movie services like NetFlix. You can get 2 rentals per month. It’s much cheaper than renting from the store or going to the movie theater at $10-$15 per ticket. AND…you don’t have to drive anywhere.
9. Buy a BRITA or PUR water filter to attach to your faucet. The one time $20 expense can save you lots in the long run.
10. Get your news from the internet not newspaper. It saves money and trees.
11. Pay your bills online. It saves time..and you don’t have to pay for stamps.
12. Don’t forget to get some exercise. It’ll save on doctor visits!
13. Sell your old stuff on Craiglist, ebay or half.com. Someone else may want it!
14. Turn down the heat setting on your water heater.
15. Take public transportation. You won’t have to pay for gas or parking.

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