25% of Your Energy Cost Comes From Hot Water

Hot water takes up a large portion of your energy bill, sometimes as much as 25% and your showerhead may be the biggest hog for hot water in the house as BC Hydro has stated. A 10 minute shower uses up to 42 gallons of hot water but could be minimized by half if a low-flow showerhead was used in it’s in place.

So that your shower experience isn’t replaced with a showerhead that feels like it’s just dripping on your back, the newer models properly restrict the flow of water and force it through very small holes creating more velocity behind the water. There is a shutoff value equipped to the showerhead in case you would like to save even more water while soaping up. Personally, I would get too cold by stopping the water and need to leave it on. It’s a good thing I take quick showers!

The total savings with installing a low-flow showerhead can range from $150 to $250, depending on the size of your family and the length of time each person takes. The cost savings alone would pay for the showerhead, as they usually start at about $15 and go up higher depending on if you go with the standard or a handheld massage type.

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