Brita Announces New Recylcling Program

Brita has announced that beginning in January 2009 they will recycle 100% of its filters. The filters will be recycled through a program with “Preserve.” According to the Brita Press Release

Preserve offers an “environmentally friendly recycling infrastructure for No. 5 polypropylene plastic, a primary material in Brita pitcher filters, through its Gimme 5 recycling and reuse program.” The filters will be used by Preserve to make 100 percent recyclable personal care, tableware and kitchen products. The filters will be collected in 2 ways.
1. They can be dropped off at participating Whole Foods Markets
2. They can be mailed directly to Preserve

More information regarding drop-off and mailing will be available in January 2009. Read all the details of the Press Release here.


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