The Freecycle Network is a movement of non-profit individuals who are giving, receiving or exchanging items for free within their own towns. You’ve got an old bed, tv or computer? There may be someone who may want your stuff. The program works by joining as a member on the site, finding your local group and whenever you have something you don’t want, you email your group to let them know it’s up for grabs. The same works if you’re looking to acquire something.

For myself, I’ve always been one to call up Salvation Army or Goodwill to carry off things I don’t need. Surprisingly, these organizations don’t accept everything as it depends on your local facility (I suggest you call before filling up your pickup or U-Haul) and if you need them to pick up the item the next open appointment might not be for a few weeks. If you are on a time constraint, FreeCycle may be great solution. I couldn’t find on the site if they have some way of giving you a receipt to use for tax purposes as other organizations do (like Goodwill), but I think it still remains a good alternative to throwing out your ‘trash’.


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  1. This reminds me of small town dumps where, rather than “dump”, the visitor gently places their unwanted furniture, applicances, etc next to the pile of rubble. Sometimes even with notes explaining damage or what might be wrong with a particular item.

    Then it is all up for grabs.

    I know someone who decorated their lakeside cabin quite effectively that way.

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