Gazaro Offers an Alternative to Paper Flyers

gazaro3According to the US Postal Service, in 2007, U.S. households received 150.9 billion pieces of mail. However, if you are in the market for a new MP3 player, those flyers might be useful. Gazaro just announced an alternative to the junk mail problem with their personalized, electronic flyers. According to their press release:

Gazaro is a personalized sales flyer platform that aggregates and classifies sales found in flyers, catalogues, and websites in real-time using a patent-pending Artificial Intelligence system. Gazaro delivers on the promise of the Semantic Web and enables users to create unique and personalized flyers of the biggest sales in their local area on things that match their shopping interests. When a new sale is discovered, Gazaro alerts users through a number of electronic mechanisms including email, RSS, and even Twitter. For more information, visit their site for more info.

Gazaro is all about bringing information to you, instead of forcing you to go out and get it. They ensure that consumers get the best sales information and only on the items they are looking to purchase.


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