PowerCost Monitor

Now being offered in the U.S., the PowerCost Monitor can possibly save you up to 20 cents per every dollar you are currently spending on your electricity bill in real-time without changing your lifestyle.


To obtain these readings, you need to install a sensor unit that is easy to attach to your utility meter outside the house. The sensor reads the amount of electricity the house consumes and transmits the data to your wireless display unit inside your home. You’ll be able to see what you’re spending on your bill before you get it and determine what time of the day your energy usage is the highest.

To lower your electricity bill you need to actively uncover what is costing you the most energy. Since the data is transmitted to you in real time, you will be able to get a moment-by-moment check of what devices are consuming the most energy.

If you’re in the U.S. this device will cost about $135.00. So, let’s see…my electricity bill is about $80.00 a month. So with a 20% saving (20 cent per every dollar), I would save about $16 per month and $192 each year which would pay for the device if it can deduct my electricity spending 20%. Not bad if the product proves itself.

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  1. I was intrigued by your article and I called the toll free number I found on the website. Turns out the offer from NStar has been extended from June 30 to July 31 ! The website is http://www.save-electricity.ca


  2. Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a heads up that National Grid also has a similar offer on. Their customers can get a powercost monitor for only $9.99. I ordered one today. I would certainly like to save 20% on my energy bill, hopefully I will.

  3. nice!

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