Save On Winter Bills


At this time of year, many families are cranking up the heat to comfortably sleep in their beds. While some individuals are sleeping with sweaters on, sometimes that’s not enough. The house gets frosty and even during the day hours, you’re double layered with socks and Uggs but still feel a bit chilly. Most of the time you can’t bundle a small child in layers of clothing all day and unfortunately turning on the heat can sometimes double your heat bill as energy prices continue to climb.

Compared to other heating sources, vent-free gas appliances are a great way to supplement heating. Due to the convenience of moving a space heater, the heat can go where you want it and in the end, you end up saving more money…sometimes up to 15 percent! Desatech, who also sells kerosene shop heaters, offers vent-free heating appliances which are safe to use any room in the home. Each appliance comes equipped with a “oxygen detection safety pilot” (ODS) to shut off the gas supply if oxygen level in a room ever fell below 18 percent. Lastly, there are thermostatic controls to maintain a constant temperature within the room to aid even further in heating costs for this winter.

Save on Home Heating

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