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Plenty of us have things around the house that are no longer in use because we haven’t called Goodwill, held a garage sale, sold the items on eBay or found a way to recycle them. If you find that your garage is filled with needless items or that you have a cabinet of old DVDs, Games, Books or even old CDs that you no longer use how about finally giving them away, but for something in return?

There are a few convenient services online to swap out your old items for something else while also aiding the environmental efforts of many by not contributing further to landfills.


With SwitchPlanet, you will not only be able to trade in your electronics, CDs, DVDS, books but also your clothes and tools at no charge to you. The only costs are for shipping, which is paid by the sender.


TitleTrader is a free service and you can exchange such things as books, music, games and movies. As of now, they restrict exchanges within the US.


Only books are swapped on PaperBackSwap. Registration is initially free (1-year membership), but you will be asked to pay a $10-$20 yearly fee to be a member afterwards. Shipping is paid by the sender and you’ll get 3 credits to start a free account. 1 credit=1 book.

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  2. I am going to have to check some of those sites out.. book swapping is cool.. love to read and that helps out the trees at the same time. Awesome :) Very good list. I only knew of Social Way but now I know more.

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    You can list items with photos to trade or swap for FREE!

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