Air / Water Generators

Generate Water from the Air

There’s always a need for clean drinking water and a company named Planet Pure Water Company has figured out a way to produce clean water. The Air / Water Generator (AWG) condenses the moisture in the air into “a superior grade of purified, potable water.” Essentially it is a dehumidifier that purifies, chills, and stores water for future use. Using a five stage filtration process which includes the use of ultra violet light, the AWG completely rids the water of all water born bacteria. According to Planet Pure Water Company, the machines are environmentally friendly, low voltage, chemical free, and 100% independent. Depending on the degree of humidity, the AWG can provide from 24 to 5000 liters of chemical free, chlorine free and preservative free water per day. It’s a dehumidifier that provides clean drinking water and recycles and cleans the air we breathe!

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