Disposing of Old/Damaged CDs and DVDs

Do you have lots of old/damaged CDs and DVDs that you don’t know what to do with?  We found this site that offers “101 things to do with CDs and DVDs.

But this got us thinking; once we’re done using and reusing the CDs/DVDs, how should we dispose of them? The answer – the CD Recycling Center of America.  According to their website:

Each year, billions of compact discs (CDs, CDr’s and DVDs) are produced, while millions of them are reaching our landfills and incinerators. Why are they not getting recycled? Because most people don’t know what to do with them! Please play your part in helping to save our environment by starting to recycle your old and unwanted discs today. It’s simple to set up your own compact disc recycling program in your home or office. Here’s how: you neatly collect them and send them to us.

Please do your part…go to their site for the details and make sure to spread the word.

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