Green Office Buying Guide

office-overHere’s a interesting interactive site for green office resources. Just click on the items and furniture in the office to see ideas and links. You’ll find everything you need to get you started to achieve an environmentally friendly office. Need toner? Go here. Want to know about batteries? Click on the picture, and go to the links. You’re on your way.  For more inofrmation and for green office products, you can also visit The Green Office Site. also has a post titled “Eight Ways to Green Your Office” as a part of their “Green Eight” series. Finally, the GreenLine Paper Company offers the Green Office Certification to organizations that meet certain environmentally-friendly criteria. Visit their site for more info.

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  1. This has been a tough one for us. We are a plastic barrel recycling company and a year in a half a go when I move my office. Rob and I decided that we need to green the office as much as we could.
    So Rob got the VOC paint and he found a few used office desks as well.
    Next I had to order a few new computers and few LCDs. Well, I made sure that all of the LCDs were energy star. I build the computers myself and hand picked all of the components that where energy star rated.
    Then we did the same with the Laser printer. With that comes toner and printer paper: A BLOCK WALL for us. We found that the 100% paper was $65 to $95 per case and the toner was $175.00 for new. Re-manufactured was $125.00? Now what? Paper and toner are our two biggest things we use how could we cut cost and do the right thing? Our whole business moto is save more and pass the saving to our costumers. We go though about 3 to 4 cases of paper a month and a toner ever month give or take a week.
    Well Rob and I had to find a way to make this work so we start online and we found a company that sold brand new toner for $35.00 (they buy over stock I think) but we have to send them our old toner back free of charge, because they would re-sell them as re-manufactured.
    Ok that was the best we could find on that. Next was the paper and I found out that 6 out of 10 paper companies could not sell the 100% or 75% paper and they would sell it to us for less than what they paid for it just to get rid of it. They told me they only sell the 5-10-15-30% paper because of the price about the same as virgin paper.

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