10 More Factors to Consider When Purchasing Electronics

In an earlier post we wrote about Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics. As a follow-up to that article,  Riverwired offers 10 additional factors to consider when purchasing electronics.

10. Is it ENERGY STAR rated? This is one of the easiest ways to make sure your device is eco-friendly. ENERGY STAR devices use less energy than competing products, so look for the ENERGY STAR logo. If it’s not there, you might want to keep looking.

9. How easily can it be recycled? The more complex the device, the harder it is to recycle. You also want to look at what chemicals and materials are used; some are more toxic than others.

8. Is it responsibly manufactured? Does the manufacturer have a good eco-record?

7. How long will it last? If your new device won’t last a few years, or more, is it worth buying?

6. Are the manufacturers’ green claims independently certified? There are dozens of organizations — too many to list here — that test and verify products, making sure they are truly green. Certified products will have an official logo on the package, so look for them and ask what they mean.

5. Is the packaging recyclable, made from recycled materials, or at the very least, kept to a minimum amount?

4. Do you need it? Can your old tech’s lifespan be extended, or can it be made greener? Let’s face it, you don’t need every new device. Keeping an old product in use for a longer period of time is almost always the greenest option.

3. How eco-responsible is the retailer? Do they offer take-backs of old devices? Do they take efforts to green their supply chain? Do they use eco-friendly building materials? Look the company up; don’t do business with companies that don’t support the environment.

2. Is the green value worth the price? In other words, don’t spend $1,000 extra to save $500 in energy costs over the life of the product.

1. Is it the greenest option available, or can you do even better? Okay, so there’s always just a little bit more research you can do. But trust me, it will be worth it.


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