All Wood Not Created Equal?

Check out Pine Mountain’s new log-loving video (be warned, it’s a tad corny):

I guess there are even eco-friendly fireplace products. All wood is not created equal after all.

Per Pine Mountain, burning some types of wood can be bad fireplace practice. The sap and moisture inside creates black billowing smoke and residue in the chimney. So they’ve thought up a couple new wood alternatives called the Java-Log (give you a couple guesses as to its ingredients) and Pine Mountain - both are claimed to offer a safe, convenient and longer burning log.

The Java-Log is the first and only fire log made with recycled spent coffee grounds and all-natural vegetable wax, making it consist of 100 percent renewable resources. The log produces 70-80 percent less emissions than wood and diverts more than 20 million pounds of coffee waste each year that would otherwise be thrown in a landfill. Hmm…I wonder if the fire smells like coffee….

Pine Mountain, is also made from 100 percent renewable resources that release up to 80 fewer emissions than regular wood when burned. They are made from recycled sawdust and 100 percent natural vegetable wax.

Pine Mountain
(Thanks to Mike Rush)

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