An Ice-Powered Air Conditioner

Ice Energy has created an energy-storage system called Ice Bear that uses a tank of water to cut down on the power required for air conditioning. The units are about the size of a small and short refrigerator.

How Does It Work?
At night, during the coolest part of the day and when electricity is cheapest, the Ice Bear cools water into ice. During the day hours, the ice cools the refrigerant as it passes through the tank. So, instead of using electricity to cool down the coolant it uses ice which can reduce electricity consumption for air conditioning by 30 percent.


Decreasing the amount of energy demand from the electrical grid will be very favorable to utilities that experience power outages due to high demand.

3 Responses to “An Ice-Powered Air Conditioner”

  1. This looks interesting and promising. I love that so many people online seem to be inventing environmentally freindly things. It give me hope.

  2. Great idea! I wonder who thinks of these things. I love any technology that can save energy.

  3. Old stuff really. Calmac has 100’s of such systems installed in the USA. What’s really cutting edge is not to use air-conditioning at all. Open da windows.

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