Blending Solar Into Rooftops

solar panel blends into rooftops

David Saltman, Chairman and CEO, of Open Energy Corp thinks that most homeowners will eventually come around to solar. Five-figure pricing has kept many homeowners away and the appearance of metal scaffolding sitting on the roof, has scared even more. Open Energy has found an innovative way to embed its “SolarSave” panels into 4-foot long plates that roofers can attach to wood, without needing an electrician which in turns can minimize labor costs.

The panels are designed to be less obvious than traditional solar panels by coloring the cells to blend in with a variety of roof tiles and still be as durable as standard roofing materials.

Like other traditional solar panels, these panels can save quite hundreds of dollars a year off electricity. Most solar panels feed electricity into the grid during the daytime, providing credits for the house to use at night. A house with enough solar panels, theoretically could receive a “zero” bill at the end of the month.


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