Bring A Solar Grill To Your Next TailGating Party


Imagine not having to bring along any coals or messy BBQ parts to grill at your next tailgating party. Since most of us grill when it’s sunny outside, a solar-powered grill makes a perfect sense and alternative to the usual grilling methods.

The grill isn’t hooked up to any electric grid with solar panels. It’s a grill designed to use the sun to the heat the surface of the grill without any gas, coils, electricity, or fire lighting. A concave piece of metal is coated with a mirror that focuses the sun’s ray towards a panel in the middle that acts as the cooking surface.

The concept came from from a Swiss company, Tammock Trading and Marketing, which invented the first powerful backyard grill. The grill only needs to be unfolded, aimed at the sun and the grilling starts immediately.

It’s available for $240 (US) and essentially can be used anywhere per the inventor’s site, where fire or smoke is forbidden.- Product Page

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  1. Wow–what a truly neat idea! I love it. :)

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