Air Line - Clothesline of the Future


Hanging clothes outdoors is of course, the most efficient and green way to be eco-friendly…but of course, not all of us have the time.

Luckily, a student entry into the Australian Design Award - Dyson Student Award, submitted a concept called the Air-Line which uses wind power and solar heat to dry clothes without an electrical dryer by energy efficient methods.

The Airline would be entirely self powered, requiring no external power other than solar. The solar panel collects and powers the ventilation fans located at the base of the main unit that houses the clothes. Inside the main unit is a pivot that “moves with the sun to maximize the clothing receiving optimum sunlight. When the moisture sensors no longer detect moisture vented from the clothes, it will divert power to recharging internal batteries to assist powering the unit in low light conditions, even at night.


*Note: This is not a design from Dyson, but a concept entry submitted by a student for the “Australian Design Award - Dyson Student Award”

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