Eco-Friendly Used Moving Boxes Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


There are number of environmentally friendly companies increasing their exposure on the web as consumers eagerly look for ways to be “green”. One such company makes sure used moving boxes don’t go to waste in landfills.

Founded in 1994, the environmentally friendly moving company called EcoBox runs out of Texas, USA delivering recycled/used moving boxes to 48 of the United States. Apart from their excellent service to their customers and environment, they do an awesome job finding the best moving solution for customers while reducing the amount of waste ending up in landfills.

Boxes are bought and resold, creating a very long life for the materials used. What’s nice is that they come in a variety of sizes including custom and are shipped at low costs or available online and at a few store locations at some fair great prices.

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  1. Hi
    I run a company call in the UK. We supply once used moving boxes to movers and then collect the boxes after they have used them. Each Eco moving pack are delivered free and when you have finished with them they are collected free. Re using rather than recycling also savings of upto 30% on buying the boxes elsewhere and stops filling the landfills.

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