ECO Kettle


On average, the volume of water we boil is twice the amount needed every time we use our kettles, which also means twice as much energy.

How so?

Mostly due to highly inefficient kettles. Using a 3kW kettle is equal to the energy of 50 light bulbs and standard stove-top kettles actually perform very poorly as they require energy to heat the handle, shell…and the water.



British designer, Brian Hartley of ECO Kettle solved this problem with a new kettle design. The ECO Kettle holds a full capacity of water ready to be used. The measuring button allows you to set the quantity either a single cup to full capacity, which is then released into a separate chamber for boiling.

Consumer trials held by the Energy Savings Trust in the UK, found that the ECO Kettle uses an average of 31% less energy than standard kettles.

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  1. Featured in the Guardian’s top ten energy-saving gadgets yesterday - see

    - was the Tefal Quick Cup (at It saves up to 65% energy and takes THREE seconds to produce boiling water; also has a filter built in. Looked pretty interesting to me, even with its price tag.

  2. I normally just fill it 1/2 when I am making coffee, but this thing looks great.


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