Greenhouse Emissions - Who’s The Culprit?

MSNBC just released an article talking about the hidden culprit to greenhouse emissions. I found it an interesting read, mostly because of the steps we are taking to be more energy efficient.

We’ve been taught to focus greatly on our cars as being the biggest culprit to contributing to greenhouse emissions. But guess what? That is not so true anymore. Surprisingly, our HOMES are causing twice as many emissions than a single car. Since a home requires more power for things like air conditioning, hot water and lighting, it is producing that much more CO2.

Builders are researching and planning revolutionary styled homes to accomplish something like a ‘green house’ for future buyers. I think this sounds nice. It’s about time. With the costs of upgrading ones home to achieve a ‘green house’ being pretty expensive upfront, this would be a nice alternative. By 2010, half of new homes built are hoped to be ‘green’ as more builder companies make changes to meet consumers worries and create more appeal.

What makes a product green? Global Green defines in detail of what makes a building material green. If you are interested in building green…take a look!

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  1. Could you tell me why you did this in the first place?…

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