Home Energy Audits

The US Department of Energy recommends having an home energy audit, either done by a professional or yourself. Performing an energy audit is the first step to finding out how much energy your home consumes and then taking measures to making your home more energy efficient.

If you discover your home is losing energy, taking the necessary steps can help you save significant amount of money over time. While you can perform this audit by yourself, a professional auditor will use equipment and other techniques to determine your energy efficiency.

As you can see, this thermograph shows that a large amount of heat can be lost from a home and will usually happen through windows and doors at night or during the winter.


If you decide to perform the audit yourself, take time doing a walk through to spot any problem areas you might normally overlook. You can get more details on how the audit should be performed and selecting a professional auditor on the US Department of Energy’s website.

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